Allstate insurance company launches anti-ableism campaign

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The insurer is rolling out a public education strategy to promote inclusion in the Canadian market.

The Allstate Insurance Company of Canada has announced the launch of a new public education campaign fighting ableism.

The insurer is rolling out this program as a part of a collaboration it has with Inclusion Canada.

Inclusion Canada is a national federation of 13 provincial and territorial associations that have over 300 local associations. These represent the human rights of individuals with intellectual disabilities. The organization is working with the Allstate Insurance Company of Canada for the launch of the campaign which started in February but is running straight through April.

The goal is to help provide Canadians with a better understanding and definition of ableism and to understand the negative impact it has. The campaign will also provide people with disabilities with a platform through which they can discuss their own experiences while promoting inclusion.

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The Allstate Insurance Company campaign aims to provide anti-ableism education.

“Ableism is the belief, and practice of the belief, that people who have a disability are of less value than others,” explained Krista Carr, executive vice president of Inclusion Canada. “Ableism leads to exclusion and marginalization across the lifespan (of people with disabilities). Segregated schooling, inaccessible communities, and high rates of poverty are all ultimately grounded in ableism.”

“We stand committed in our purpose to bring strength, experience and care to everything we do,” added Ryan Michel, Allstate Insurance Company of Canada CEO in a statement. “This not only applies to our customers and ensuring that they are in good hands, but also in support of our community partners.”

Michel went on to point out that Inclusion Canada is seeking to develop a more inclusive society for individuals with intellectual disabilities in addition to their families, and that the insurer is proud to offer its platform to support the non-profit in educating people about ableism.

The insurer regularly works with non-profits in the country, having also entered into a two-year partnership with Habitat for Humanity Canada last September. Through that partnership, the insurer will provide community members at Habitat for Humanity with access to information and services in addition to supporting the non-profit financially. Employees will also be volunteering for build support for the non-profit’s Canadian projects.

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