Your first trip to UK: advices and tips

Visiting the United Kingdom for the first time?

Visiting a new country can be extremely daunting and individuals can often feel nervous as well as excited before visiting one of the most desirable destinations in the world. Here is a list of things and tips to keep in mind whilst visiting the UK for the very first time to make your first trip comfortable, memorable and to avoid any unwanted confusion.         

Valid Passport 

You must have a valid passport which must be valid for the duration of your stay in the UK. You must have a valid visa or work permit to come and reside in the UK. Keeping your documents up to date will keep you out of trouble so be very mindful of that. By availing of the services of Immigration lawyers in Sheffield you can ensure that all your documents are in order. Our experts are available 24/7 to guide you on all the documentation you would need during your stay.

Cheapest Private Transport Facilities

You need to conduct extensive research into the best and cheapest transport facilities to get to your destination in London or anywhere in the UK before traveling. You can find limited overnight transport service, it all depends on your landing at the airport. You can also reach out to guides for buses, trains, taxis and airports for an enjoyable traveling experience. Uber is also a very reliable option to get around the city.

Local Rules      

It is very important to be aware of local rules, especially driving laws in case you are planning to visit the UK.  Your immigration lawyer may be able to assist in guiding you extensively on the do’s and don’ts according to the reason for your visit and stay.

Public Transports

In the UK, buses, trains, and the tube connect all major airports to central London. If you’re traveling to London for example, you can easily walk or use local buses to get around the city. You can get on the subway to get to your destination quickly but try to avoid it during rush hour. An Oyster Card is a pass for the tube, bus and light rail to use in London. You can save tons of money and time, with maximum convenience. 

Local Bookstores           

Local bookstores are filled with treasure books such as local history books and walking and cycling maps, so they are a must-see.          

Country Embassy

Make a note of your country’s Embassy / High Commission details in the UK, i.e. address and contact details, in case you need them while in the UK. Your embassy and immigration lawyers can assist in resolving any visa-related issues that you might be facing during your stay there.


A valid North American driving license would be sufficient in the UK and an international driving license will not be required. Whilst driving in the UK, ensure that your cars are on the left side of the road. This confuses many immigrants and takes some getting used to. 


All types of accommodation are available, including hotels, guesthouses, hostels, etc. you can choose the one that suits you best. In the villages, Bread & Breakfasts are more frequent and most of them only accept cash.              

Local Currency

Pounds are legal tender in Great Britain, the euro in the country of Ireland. Plan your expenses financially and ensure you have enough funds to live easily in the UK. You should also check with your bank to find out whether or not your card will work with UK withdrawal machines.              

Your first trip to UK: advices and tips

Local Tourist Information Center

For information on tourist attractions in a particular area, concerts, events, and driving directions, use your local Tourist Information Centers (ICT). Some of these centers can also reserve a local B&B for tourists.   

Emergency Contact

In the UK, the police and ambulance emergency number is 999.   For any health related queries, you can look into the UK’s Disabled Traveler’s Tips and Travel Health Tips. 

Booking of hotels

August is the busiest month for tourism in the UK and many attractions are closed out of season. Due to the excessive rush in the high season, it is recommended to book the accommodation well in advance.            

Travel Insurance

Make sure you have adequate travel insurance which will cover the entire duration of your trip to the UK.            

European Health Card

If you are traveling within the European Union, make sure you have a European Health Card (TSE). This will help you in case of any health problems, it is highly recommended that you carry the TSE along with your comprehensive travel insurance.  

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