Uninsured vehicles now considered a criminal act in U.K.

International Insurance NewsChanges to the United Kingdom’s car insurance laws are coming and Swinton Insurance, one of the largest car insurers in the country, is warning motorist to take heed. Next month, it will be illegal to own an uninsured vehicle. Swinton has taken it upon themselves to caution both policyholders and the general public of the new law in the hopes that they will take necessary measures to protect themselves accordingly.

The current laws in the UK forbid motorists from driving uninsured vehicles, but the new law asserts that the simple ownership of an uninsured vehicle, operational or not, is criminal.

The only way to avoid purchasing insurance coverage for vehicles is to make an official claim that that vehicle will never be operated on or off the road. The new law is likely to be enforced in earnest and violators face serious repercussions. Those without insurance can expect fines to be levied against them and may have their vehicle seized and destroyed.

Motorists will have amnesty for one month upon the institution of the law, says Steve Chelton, Insurance Development Manager for Swinton. After that time, the laws will be strictly enforced.

The law’s primary goal is to reduce the prevalence of uninsured motorists on the roads throughout the nation. Chelton claims that these motorists cost an extra £500 million in premiums each year. By removing uninsured vehicles from the roads completely, government officials hope that the issue will be resolved.

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