Travel insurance tips offered to Pennsylvania vacationers

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Travel insurance remains important ...

The Insurance Department in the state has released advice for residents of the state before they head away.

The warming weather means one thing to many people across Pennsylvania, and that is the preparations for the summer vacation season, about which they are now being provided with a range of travel insurance tips.

The Pennsylvania Insurance Department is reminding vacationers to look into the right insurance coverage.

The Insurance Department has released a checklist for people across the state, before they head away on vacation. Being away will impact many different types of insurance coverage and the department is hoping to boost awareness about this fact. This begins with the need for travel insurance, but it also applies to the coverage for homes and other property that is being left behind. The hope is that travelers will understand these issues before they get going, in order to be able to prevent problems from happening while they are away.

There are a range of different homeowners and travel insurance issues to consider before going away.

travel insurance transportationTo start, a travel policy is often recommended in order to ensure that costs associated with vacationing, including certain medical risks, will be covered, despite the fact that they are not in their home state. However, the department is also reminding consumers that they cannot forget about the properties that they are leaving behind.

According to Acting Insurance Commissioner Teresa Miller, of Pennsylvania “Before leaving for a trip, no matter how far, consumers need to make sure they are aware of how this will affect their insurance coverage.” Many people don’t realize that some types of personal property, such as electronics and clothing, are often covered – at least in part – through a homeowners insurance policy, even when they taken with them on vacation. However, the extent of that protection varies from one policy to the next, so it is a good idea to know what type of coverage is present in case of loss, theft, or damage while away.

Consumers are being advised to look into their homeowners and travel insurance policies before heading away on vacation, so that they will have greater peace of mind and won’t be faced with unwanted surprises if a claim needs to be made.

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