Insurance Information Institute reveals winter-related payouts from 2015

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American insurers paid policyholders $2.9 billion for damage related to winter weather. The Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) has released its data with regards to the payments made by insurers in the United States for claims relating to winter weather, and what they’ve said is that those payouts reached a total of about $2.9 billion, last year. That said, despite those winter-related payments, the I.I.I. says insurance companies are still financially strong. Despite the payments the insurers faced in the U.S., the Insurance Information Institute explained that those companies will still…

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Insurance companies are seeing rising claims following a rough winter

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Insurers throughout the northeast are stating that they have a greater loss-report volume. From start to finish, this past winter was a treacherous and highly damaging one in the northeastern United States, and now that it has finally come to a close, insurance companies are starting to see another increase in claims from homeowners who are experiencing a new wave of discovered damages. As the snow and ice melt away, they are revealing the true extent of the destruction that they’ve left behind. So far, claims to insurance companies have…

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Insurance industry is seeing a hugely costly winter

insurance industry winter snow ice

Some have said that this will be among the 5 most expensive winters in over 30 years. The Insurance Information Institute has now released its predictions about the costs associated with this last winter for the insurance industry, and has determined that the payments resulting from storms have now reached over $1.5 billion. As this week has shown in many parts of the country, the snowstorms aren’t done for the year. Now, the Verisk Analytics Property Claims Services firm has estimated that there were already about 175,000 claims paid to…

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