New legislation brings more clarity to property insurance

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Mississippi legislation aims to bring more clarity to the property insurance sector Mississippi lawmakers are attempting to bring more clarity to the property insurance space. A new legislation, which has won support from the House of Representatives, is set to appear before the state’s Senate. The legislation is designed to bring more transparency to homeowners insurance and provide clarity on the premiums that insurance companies collect. Called the Property Insurance Clarity Act, the legislation is gaining strong support. Last year, a previous version of the legislation was struck down by…

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Insurance claims pouring in with Arthur rains

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The Atlantic coast of Canada was pummeled with heavy downpours and high winds from the post-tropical storm. The insurance claims are already beginning to be filed in waves that were nearly as heavy as those off the coast following the rampage from post-tropical storm Arthur as it made its way through the Canadian Maritimes. Agents are asking residents of the affected provinces to please be patient and review to their policy coverage. The majority of homeowners insurance policies do cover wind damage, which does not fall under the definition of…

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Consumers begin pulling out of South Carolina homeowners insurance program

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Insurance program is experiencing an exodus of policyholders Homeowners are beginning to pull out of South Carolina’s wind pool insurance program. The program exists as a last-resort option for those seeking insurance coverage in the state. The program is primary meant to provide coverage to properties that exists along the state’s coastlines, where wind damage is somewhat common. Many insurance companies in the private market do not offer wind protection alongside their homeowners insurance policies, which has made the state’s insurance program relatively popular, until very recently. Population of state’s…

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Wind insurance program in South Carolina watches homeowners exit

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This pool which is a coverage option of last resort, has been seeing its participants dwindle for 3 years. According to the South Carolina Wind and Hail Underwriting Association, the number of homeowners who have been leaving the state’s last resort wind insurance pool has been continuing over the last three years. The program is meant for homeowners who can’t obtain this coverage anywhere else. For some time, the special wind insurance pool program was the only option that many homeowners had available to them. However, this state backed coastal…

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Homeowners insurance customers in Quebec lack an understanding of their coverage

Quebec homeowners insurance

This virtually universal problem was just demonstrated in a survey specific to that Canadian province. The results of a survey conducted by the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) has shown that a strikingly large number of homeowners insurance policyholders in the province of Quebec do not have a solid understanding of the ways in which their homes and properties are protected. About half of the people surveyed erroneously felt that they had coverage against an overflowing body of water. As one in every two people in Quebec feel that their…

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Mississippi homeowners insurance companies targeted by new legislation

Mississippi Homeowners Insurance Industry

Lawmakers seek out answers concerning troubling insurance trends Mississippi lawmakers may soon pass legislation that will require the state’s property insurance companies to disclose how much they collect in premiums and how much money they spend on claims. This legislation would target insurers that provide coverage for the damage associated with hurricanes. Most insurance companies only provide coverage for wind damage, as flood insurance is primarily a matter for the federal government to handle. State officials suggest that insurers are not always straightforward with the information they provide concerning damage…

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Homeowners insurance customers at Citizens to pay 6.3 percent more

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A rate hike was just approved for the property coverage in Florida for the state backed insurer. Next year, homeowners insurance customers who remain with Citizens Property Insurance Corp. in Florida will see an average increase in their rates by 6.3 percent following the approval that was just received for the change. The Office of Insurance Regulation gave its approval of this rate, which was lower than the original request. The initial proposal for the homeowners insurance rate hike at Citizens had been 7.9 percent. The comparatively lower increase will…

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