Hurricane season draws more attention to homeowners insurance

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Homeowners insurance becomes top priority as hurricane season approaches Hurricane season in the U.S. is fast approaching, which means that many states along the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf Coast are beginning to take steps to raise awareness of prominent homeowners insurance issues. In the past, powerful hurricanes have caused significant damage in several states. The most recent example of how much damage can be caused by one of these natural disasters can be seen in 2012’s Hurricane Sandy. The homeowners insurance sector continues to reel from the disaster even…

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Virginia to provide licenses to public insurance adjusters

Public Insurance Adjusters Colorado

Public insurance adjusters to begin receiving licensing next year Virginia insurance regulators are looking to license public adjusters to help manage the flow of claims that the state’s insurance companies receive as a result of natural disasters. The State Corporation Commission’s Bureau of Insurance is expected to begin issuing licenses for public insurance adjusters beginning early next year. Recent natural disasters have proven to generate a high number of claims. A limited number of insurance adjusters means that some of these claims could sit unresolved for extensive periods of time.…

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Virginia’s request for aid in wake of August earthquake is approved by FEMA

FEMA has approved a second request for aid coming from Virginia to help recover from a powerful earthquake that struck the state in August of this year. The 5.8-magnitude has caused more than $22 million in damage to date. Given the rarity of earthquakes in the Eastern U.S., few Virginia residents have adequate insurance coverage for such happenings. More than 1,404 homes have been damaged by the quake and the 40 aftershocks that shook the state in the following weeks. FEMA had initially denied the request for aid after insurers…

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Virginia homeowners urged to review insurance for items not covered this hurricane season

Virginia state insurance regulators are cautioning homeowners to review their policies as the hurricane season begins. Regulators note that several insurance policies include deductibles for wind damage caused by hurricanes, but many others do not. This disparity leads to lapses in coverage that are prevalent throughout the state. The State Corporation Commission says that even if homes are protected against wind damage, there is still the possibility of water damage. Regulators assert that the majority of hurricane losses stem from flood damage. The majority of property insurance policies available in…

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Could be just the beginning as deadly storms rip through the U.S.

Spring storms tore through the southern portion of the states last week leaving massive damage and loss of life in its aftermath. Virginia is no stranger to bad weather; over the last sixty years, they’ve had almost 600 tornados. But the previous storms were not like this one. Initial figures have eleven deaths total, and over 7.5 million in damages in one county. Virginia is used to getting thunderstorms and even tornados. However, most are EF1, or an EF2 and short lived. They don’t stay formed for very long and…

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