Auto insurance industry displeased with most new cars

auto Insurance industry IIHS Safety Crash Test

When it comes to the top safety ratings that are available, the majority of new vehicles failed to win. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) has now given its top safety pick ratings and has chosen the top performing vehicles, but when it comes to this coveted nod from the auto insurance industry, the majority of new cars were not able to qualify. Some of the largest manufacturers were those that were falling behind the rest, despite positive past performance. General Motors, for example, was not seen as doing…

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Good auto insurance news released for Honda Civic owners

auto insurance news vehicle safety crash test

The model has now become the first small car to be the recipient of the Top Safety Pick+ award. There has been good news released for drivers of Honda Civics, both from a safety and an affordability perspective, as it has now become the first small car that has received the designation of Top Safety Pick+ from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The IIHS also named five other vehicles to have the Top Safety Pick+ award. In order to receive the designation of being a Top Safety Pick+…

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Auto insurance news for Ford Fusion drivers is good

ford fusion safety auto insurance

The vehicle has just achieved an important milestone for its manufacturer and its drivers. Ford has just been given an important boost by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which has just rated the 2013 Fusion and Fusion Hybrid the top vehicle safety rating, which is great news for both the manufacturer and the drivers who must pay for the auto insurance to cover it. Ford has issued a press release in which it has expressed its pride in the safety achievement of the vehicle. According to the global…

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More than 800,000 vehicles recalled from the U.S. market last week

Several automakers issued a recall of many vehicles in the U.S. last week. Hyundai and Subaru, amongst other companies, recalled more than 800,000 vehicles due to faulty manufacturing and safety shortfalls, according to federal regulators. The recalls were aimed at some of the more popular models from big-name manufacturers and will likely have an impact on the cost of insurance coverage for these vehicles in the future. The recalls were instigated by a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that found that a person had been killed due…

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