The Effects that Cheap Business Insurance Can Have on Your Company

Small Business Owner Insurance

Every so often will be asked by startups and even established companies: “can you get me cheap business insurance?” At first I’m sort of offended that someone would ask me that, but then I remember that it’s not the customer’s fault for thinking that “cheap is good” – it’s actually the insurance industry’s fault. The insurance industry has been commoditizing insurance so much over the past ten years – especially auto insurance that it’s hard not to think that a priority of any type of insurance is that it has…

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The Difference Between Replacement Cost and Actual Cost Value

Taking a closer look at home insurance replacement cost and actual cost value When purchasing home insurance, you will be given the option to choose which type of replacement policy is the best suited for your needs, a replacement cost policy or an actual cost value policy. It is important to understand the difference between the two policies to ensure you are getting the coverage that is going to fit into your budget as well as provide sufficient coverage for you home and personal belongings. Replacement Cost Replacement cost means…

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Protect the Contents of your Home with Proper Insurance

High-Valued Homeowners Insurance news

So many home buyers focus on selecting the right dwelling coverage that they often overlook the importance of choosing a homeowners insurance policy with adequate contents coverage. A home insurance policy providers dwelling coverage, liability coverage, and contents coverage designed to pay for your personal belongings if they are stolen, damaged, or destroyed. If you are not sure what to look for in terms of contents insurance when you are building a home insurance policy, read on and learn how to choose the right policy with the proper coverage limits…

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Homeowners insurance premiums in Oklahoma are rising for many reasons

homeowners insurance

Many residents of the state are wondering why their rates are skyrocketing. Homeowners insurance policyholders in Oklahoma are now facing premiums that have risen by ten percent, and many are wondering what is behind this significant increase. In this case, the traditional explanations that would justify a rate hike don’t seem to apply. As materials and labor remaining about the same due to the current economy, and inflation is low – according to the government – many are struggling to see what could possibly be behind a homeowners insurance rate…

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Fire insurance woes cause upset among homeowners in Colorado

Colorado homeowners insurance industry wildfires

High Park fires are now causing many policyholders to have to fight for compensation. The homeowners who lost their houses to the fires in High Park attended a Larimer County meeting in order to express their frustrations regarding the way that their wildfire insurance claims are being handled by their insurers. Many homeowners were in tears as they shared their settlement data which has fallen short of expectation. There were around 130 people in attendance, who complained about the depreciated fire insurance settlement offers that they received and which will…

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New Zealand homeowners insurance – massive change on the horizon

homeowners insurance - New Zealand

The repeated earthquakes and aftershocks are about to alter the face of this coverage. Homeowners insurance owners and shoppers are being cautioned that it may not be long before this type of policy no longer covers the full cost of a rebuilt house, should disaster strike. Fixed cover policies may be the direction in which the industry is shifting in the near future. The homeowners insurance industry has been leaning toward fixed cover policies, with Government valuations to be the foundation of future cover. According to Chris Ryan, the Insurance…

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Florida consumers filed class-action lawsuit against Citizens Property Insurance

As Florida’s Citizens Property Insurance continues… to struggle beneath the crushing weight of debt, the state-run company’s policyholders are mobilizing for a massive lawsuit against the company. Consumers have filed a class-action lawsuit against the company this week in Tallahassee, Florida. Consumers are joined by Senator Mike Fasano, who believes that the company has been too bullish in its implementation of rate hikes. This is the same issue being brought to light by the lawsuit. Consumers claim that the company is overestimating the value of homes and thus driving up…

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