Some consumers are adding pet insurance to winter preparations

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US animal owners are increasingly purchasing health coverage for their cats and dogs this season. Though pet insurance can provide financial protection to dog and cat owners at any time of year in case of an illness or injury, this year, purchasing coverage has become a bit of a winter prep trend. This time of year is among the most hazardous to cats and dogs due to weather and celebrations. For years, pet insurance companies have issued animal safety recommendations to cat and dog owners in the hopes of helping…

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So you think insurance is wasted money, think again!

While insurance may seem to be a burden to most people, it does have moments of significance that is usually only noticed when certain situations arise. Five important insurance claims are explored, including car problems, fine arts, pet insurance, natural disasters and the 9/11 financial burden. Auto insurance holds a huge significance that should not be taken for granted. Back in 2007 in the UK, a car shopper took out a Pagani Zonda for a test drive which is worth £500,000, with only ten of the cars produced in a…

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