Some consumers are adding pet insurance to winter preparations

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US animal owners are increasingly purchasing health coverage for their cats and dogs this season.

Though pet insurance can provide financial protection to dog and cat owners at any time of year in case of an illness or injury, this year, purchasing coverage has become a bit of a winter prep trend.

This time of year is among the most hazardous to cats and dogs due to weather and celebrations.

For years, pet insurance companies have issued animal safety recommendations to cat and dog owners in the hopes of helping them to reduce the risk of injuries and illnesses common to animals at this time of the year. Not only is a healthy animal the highest priority, but it also helps to avoid costly expenses associated with treating them.

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That said, even with the greatest care, accidents can happen, bringing the unexpected expenses associated with them. This year, as animal owners prepare for winter weather and make their holiday plans, many have included purchasing coverage as a part of their efforts.

Just as homeowners’ policies provide peace of mind against the full expense associated with unexpected disasters even when the greatest care has been taken to avoid them, animal owners are beginning to feel the same way about protecting their furry family members, particularly at this time of year associated with higher risk.

Extreme weather, gatherings with guests, and seasonal decorations all come with risks covered by pet insurance.

As winter arrives, a good policy can help to make sure that a family doesn’t need to choose between a beloved pet’s health – or even life – and financial survival for the family. It provides families with peace of mind that if an accident happens, they will be able to afford the veterinary care the animal needs. The same can be said about risks associated with holiday foods, plants and decorations that can be toxic to dogs.

With a growing number of insurers offering the pet insurance coverage in the United States, it is also becoming easier to find and more affordable. Several retailers have entered into partnerships with insurers to make it convenient to purchase a policy.

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