Four health insurance companies violated mental health coverage law

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The state of Oregon has accused four insurers in failing to cover certain treatments including one for autism. The state of Oregon is currently calculating potential fines for four health insurance companies that failed to comply with the law for covering certain mental health treatments, including one for autism. State law requires insurance companies to provide mental and physical coverage in a similar way. The regulation in Oregon states that health insurance companies “cannot categorically deny coverage,” for mental health care and therapies, such as for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA),…

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Long term care insurance company fined $115,000

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Oregon regulators have slapped Bankers Life with the penalty regarding mishandling of claims. State regulators in Oregon have handed Bankers Life and Casualty Co. a massive fine of $115,000 because the long term care insurance company had been mishandling claims that were being filed by disabled and elderly policyholders. The fine was issued after the insurer had been found to have made dozens of violations to the regulations in the state. According to Laura Cali, the Commissioner in Oregon, “I think we’ve made it very clear to them that this…

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Oregon’s Regence Group draws the attention of regulators from four states

Oregon insurance regulators have set their sights of the Regence Group, which is part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance group. Mike Kreidler, the state’s Insurance Commissioner, has accused the insurance company of several severe failures that have impacted the lives of thousands of policyholder and even people that are not affiliated with the company in any way. The violations are so serious that Kreidler has issued an order for the company to draft a plan to correct the issues, which is due by the end of this month.…

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Oregon senators give community car sharing programs a much needed boost

Oregon senators have given their approval to a bill that eliminates a number of the obstacles faced by emerging community car sharing programs, in an effort that would appear to be designed to increase participation in this environmentally friendly activity.  The House Bill 3149 was approved in a 25-3 vote.  This bill was designed to set the personal vehicle sharing program standards.  It has added the necessity for these programs to provide motor vehicle liability insurance, and should injury or loss occur during a time when the vehicle is being…

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