Tornadoes in Oklahoma and Kansas claim lives and cause damage to property


Damages from recent tornadoes that ripped through Oklahoma and Kansas. Powerful tornadoes tore through the states of Kansas and Oklahoma over the weekend, causing significant damage to businesses and homes as well as claiming lives. The National Weather Service claims that the weather system responsible for the disasters created more tornadoes in one day than either Kansas or Oklahoma would normally see in the month of April. Insurers have been working in cities affected by the tornadoes, hoping to mitigate any further damage and to process claims quickly to help…

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Earthquakes in Oklahoma highlight the importance of insurance protection

Over Thanksgiving weekend, Oklahoma experienced several small earthquakes and aftershocks. While Oklahoma is no stranger to earthquakes, the seismic events caused major damage in some cities not fortified against such events. Governor Mary Fallin has submitted a formal request to FEMA asking for assistance. Governor Fallin is looking to have the federal agency declare the seismic events in the state an official disaster. If FEMA does declare a disaster, Oklahoma will gain access to federal funds to aid in recovery. According to state officials, more than 200 homes and other…

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Oklahoma quake highlights the importance of earthquake insurance

Residents of Oklahoma were surprised Saturday when the state was rocked by a 5.6-magnitude earthquake. The quake caused a significant amount of damage in the state, which is still recovering from a spat of devastating tornados that tore through Oklahoma in August. State insurers have yet to release estimates regarding the cost of damages, but it is clear that the quake caused some damage to homes and businesses in Northern Oklahoma. The quake has been called a once-in-a-century event, though another 5.8 quake struck the state in August of this…

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