Health insurance from private sector may provide alternative to Ohio Medicaid

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The state’s expansion of the coverage for lower income individuals and families may offer a new opportunity. Ohio and its Governor, John Kasich, has drawn a nationwide audience as it has finally become clear why the state was in support of the expansion of the Medicaid program, despite the fact that it is Republican led and that other similarly led states have refused the changes to the health insurance system for lower income households. The governor has now revealed many of the details of his compromise with federal regulators. Now,…

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TrueCost plan sparks dispute in Cincinnati

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TrueCost plan provokes standoff between employees and employers A standoff in Cincinnati, Ohio, between employees and their employers has formed concerning a controversial new health insurance plan called TrueCost. The plan has become very popular for Cincinnati employers, but workers are concerning over the potential the plan has of introducing a variety of new medical costs. So far, nine Cincinnati employers, representing some 5,000 employers combined, have adopted the TrueCost plan, which comes from Custom Design Benefits. Plan allows employers to take control of health care costs According to employers,…

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Health insurance is looking good for kids in Ohio

Children’s Health Insurance Program kids

Coverage has dramatically increased among children residing in that state. Even though the state of Ohio has been facing notable struggles with poverty rates, the children in the state have benefited from increasing health insurance coverage. This is particularly true in the 2011 statistics from Ross County. The number of uninsured children in Ross County fell from having been 9.1 percent in 2010, to a miniscule 0.9 percent last year. That accomplishment exceeded the state-wide scores, which dropped from 6 percent to 5.8 percent for children who did not have…

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Ohio health insurance refunds will come to $11.3 million

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The rebates will be sent out to families in checks averaging $139 per family. This summer the Ohio health insurance rebates will be sending over 81,000 families throughout the state a total of $11.3 million. These refunds are a part of a nationwide repayment of $1.1 billion. On average, the rebate checks that will be received will be $139 for individuals and families with Ohio health insurance. However, some of the 81,500 families who will be receiving the payments will receive much more than that. In fact, the larger payments…

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Costly Ohio insurance exchange may have to team with the federal government

Independent IT consultants in Ohio were tasked with calculating the cost of an insurance exchange in the state earlier this year. The state is required by federal law to establish an exchange by 2014 in an effort to streamline health insurance. The undertaking is in no way small, as a great deal of digital infrastructure must first be made, the price of which may be daunting. According to the state’s consultants, the technology alone will cost $63 million. The sum is quite high when compounded by the additional expensive associated…

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Massachusetts and Vermont residents pay the highest individual health rates

A recent analysis has shown that in 2010, the most expensive individual health rates in the country were in Massachusetts and Vermont, with premiums up to and higher than $400 per month per person, which is about twice the average of the country. The information was collected by the Kaiser Family Foundation, which drew the data from the insurance company filings to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and discovered a significant discrepancy in the rates charged from one state to the next. The researchers are referring to their analysis…

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