Insurance refund total of $2.75 million and a fine to be paid by insurer

Health Insurance Refund

A company based in Virginia will be issuing the payments on top of a $1 million fine after being caught overcharging. An insurer based in Virginia will be sending out an insurance refund that totals $2.5 million on top of a fine that will cost almost $1 million in order to settle the claims that have been made that indicate that it had been overcharging students in New York. Estimates are that there were approximately 22,000 students from 37 New York colleges that were overcharged. The insurance refund and fine…

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Markel launches new DataBreach plan to help health care providers defend themselves against cybercrime

Markel Insurance Co. has launched a new line of insurance coverage for health care providers. The new coverage provides protections against cybercrime and hacking. The Affordable Care Act requires that an individual’s medical and insurance information be stored electronically as part of a state-run insurance exchange. The exchange system is designed to give consumers access to affordable insurance coverage, but their information may be the target of hackers eager to test the defenses of the new system. U.S. companies became acutely aware of the dangers inherent in the digital world…

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