Compromise on terrorism insurance in the US may be near

las vegas strip terrorism insurance

Federal negotiators may soon reach a fair compromise on the country’s federal insurance backstop Terrorism insurance in the United States may be in jeopardy. In 2002, the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act was passed, creating a federal backstop for insurance claims generated by acts of terrorism in the country. The legislation was meant to provide a transparent system, which allowed insured losses to be shared by both the public and private sectors. The federal backstop has been in contention for some time, as lawmakers have become unconvinced that it is still…

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Auto insurance fraud receives more attention from state agency

Auto Insurance Fraud

Insurance Department begins to increase its efforts to combat insurance fraud throughout California The California Department of Insurance has begun to focus more heavily on fighting auto insurance fraud in the Los Angeles area. The agency has been working to track down and eliminate fraud in this area for some time, but has only found modest success. Those participating in fraud have, thus far, managed to find ways to sidestep regulations and continue exploiting consumers and insurance companies alike. Recently, the agency has found more success in its fight against…

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