Are you ready to make an insurance claim with voice-calling AI?

Voice-calling AI - Woman and Robot

Google’s artificial intelligence is moving in as a replacement for low-skilled human labor jobs. Google’s surprisingly natural voice-calling AI may soon be headed to insurance call centers. A report by The Information was picked up and investigated by Engadget. The report showed that an insurance company in the United States has shown interest in Google’s AI tech. The insurance company was not named in either report, but it has expressed interest in AI. The Duplex voice-calling AI from Google would be able to “handle simple and repetitive customer calls” said…

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Insurance drones will be broadly deployed by Hurricane Harvey claims adjusters

hurricane insurance drones

The use of these unmanned aerial vehicles has been adopted by Allstate, State Farm and other major property insurers. Property insurance companies in Texas and Louisiana, such as Allstate and State Farm, are preparing to use their insurance drones to survey the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. This insurance technology is expected to have an important role in inspecting commercial and residential damage. The insurance drones will first take to the air early this week, once the last of Hurricane Harvey makes its way out of the regions. If all goes…

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Insurance technology jobs get hotter as AI’s role expands

insurance technology jobs

Customers find online self-service features increasingly appealing and the industry is hiring to meet that need. As the industry looks to artificial intelligence (AI) for improved customer service, insurance technology jobs are expanding in number and specialty. The more consumers show a preference for completing tasks online, the greater the need for large and skilled IT, programming and tech development departments. Current trends suggest that AI is a tech the insurance industry expects to be using in the very near future. In fact, a recent Accenture Plc survey suggested that…

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Insurance technology over mobile is helping agents and brokers

iphone mobile insurance technology

From smartphones and tablets to mobile apps and web portals, tech is easing the strain on these industry pros. When it comes to agents and brokers working at smaller firms, insurance technology is helping to be able to keep up with the various processes that are an absolute necessity but that can be very time consuming. Some of these processes include policy details, confirmation of coverage, proof of coverage, and payments reviews. The reason is that brokers and agents receive many calls every day that are based on transactions. This…

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AIG insurance drones receive FAA approval

liability Insurance industry policy for drones

These flying devices can be used for the replacement of human inspectors for a better vantage point. Inspectors regularly need to climb up ladders onto the rooftops of buildings to check the situation after a claim has been made following a storm, for example, but this job may soon be done by insurance drones now that the FAA has made a new exception to its regulations. AIG has received the approval from the FAA to begin using drones to complete jobs that would be risky for humans. This will mean…

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Technology Is Changing the Insurance Industry

insurance industry technology

Technology is beginning to play a major role in the lives of people everywhere. People are beginning to use mobile devices and traditional computers more frequently, and this is having an effect on their daily lives. Businesses are also beginning to become more reliant on various forms of technology, including those in the insurance industry. The advent of technology is having a major impact on the industry and how it operates in three ways. Accessible Information Technology is making information much more accessible than it has been in the past.…

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New insurance technology solution introduced by Standish

insurance technology

Standish releases bundled solution for the insurance industry Standish Mellon Asset Management Company, the fixed income investment arm of BNY Mellon, has launched a new collection of solutions for insurance companies operating in the U.S. The collection includes asset management, global custody, accounting, and reporting solutions. Much of the insurance industry has been undergoing a shift to become more reliant on technology. As risks in various markets begin to evolve, technology is becoming a powerful tool in mitigating these risks and the exposure that the insurance industry faces. New solution…

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Insurance technology is changing the game, says Swiss Re

Insurance Technology investments

The company released its latest sigma study, which has shown that tech has brought considerable change. A new sigma study released by Swiss Re has shown that insurance technology is considerably altering the way that insurers and customers interact, as each of those parties has been presented with considerable information and tools that had never before been available to either of them. Insurance companies are particularly benefiting with the amount that they can learn about their customers. What the conclusion of the study suggested was that insurers use the insurance…

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Insurance technology could soon bring wearables into health care

fitbit fitness tracker health care life insurance technology

Fitness and activity trackers are becoming popular and could provide helpful medical data. Just as pay as you drive policies are becoming popular among auto insurers, a new form of potential insurance technology is now becoming increasingly popular along with the trend of wearable devices and gadgets such as smartwatches and fitness bands. This could prove to be exceptionally helpful to the health care industry, and perhaps to insurers, as well. As fitness trackers such as Fitbit become increasingly commonplace, and major smartwatch manufacturers enhance their products with activity monitoring…

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Insurance technology dispute creates turbulence between Oregon and Oracle

Oregon Health Insurance technology

Dispute between Oregon and Oracle threatens the capabilities of Cover Oregon Acclaimed technology firm Oracle has been at odds with the State of Oregon regarding its health insurance exchange. The exchange makes use of technology that has been developed by Oracle and this technology allows the exchange to operate as it is meant to. The problem, however, is that Cover Oregon is not yet fully developed and state officials have called into question the viability of Oracle’s insurance technology. The tension between the state and the technology firm had reached…

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