iCracked to join SquareTrade following Allstate acquisition

iCracked - Partnership - Aquisition - Handshake

Allstate Corporation has purchased the on-site, on-demand smartphone and tablet repair service provider.

Allstate Corporation, the nationwide insurance company, has announced its acquisition of iCracked. That firm is a provider of on-demand, on-site smartphone and tablet repair services across North America.

Allstate will be joining iCracked with SquareTrade, the insurer’s company offering related products.

iCracked, a San Francisco-based firm, will join SquareTrade . That company belongs to Allstate and is a provider of tech support and consumer protection plans. iCracked currently operates in both the United States and Canada across more than sixty metropolitan areas.

“Today’s consumers rely on connectivity to run their lives, and they can’t afford to wait for device repairs,” said SquareTrade co-founder and president, Ahmed Khaishgi. “With our recent acquisition of PlumChoice, SquareTrade is uniquely positioned to protect the hardware and software that power our customers’ connected devices.”

iCracked released a statement expressing its excitement to join SquareTrade following the acquisition.

“We are excited to join SquareTrade, a company that shares our commitment to delivering high-quality on-demand service to customers,” said iCracked C.E.O., A.J. Forsythe in an Allstate news release.

Insurance companies have been increasingly focusing on technology at all levels. Tech has become a key factor for the entire industry to consider, both in terms of its use and the coverage the insurance industry can provide for those devices. Everything from liability to loss, theft and damage plays an important role in the lives of consumers. Moreover, insurance companies themselves are increasingly reliant on cutting edge tech for disaster modeling, communication while in the field and even using drones to help with adjusters with assessments.

At the consumer level, the ubiquity of smartphones and the dependency upon them has meant that it simply isn’t possible for most people to leave their broken devices in order to wait for repairs. Even one day without those devices could be catastrophic for many people who need their phones for the proper function of both their personal and professional lives.

iCracked - Partnership - Aquisition - HandshakeThe Allstate acquisition of iCracked is only the latest purchase of this nature in the insurance industry. Insurance companies across the country and throughout the world are looking to phone and tablet coverage and services to offer policyholders who value the protection and peace of mind they provide.

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