A Guide to Health Insurance for the Self-Employed

Self Employed Health Insurance

The self employed face obstacles and tackle challenges that those employed by others rarely think about…doing budgets, growing the business and, of course, health insurance. Think about it…the cost of individual health insurance for the self employed has gone up substantially over the past decade and policies that used to cost somewhere around $100 a month can run upwards of $500 a month today. Not just that…co-pays and deductibles have gone up…covered services have gone down. But there are options available that can help reduce the cost of health insurance…

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Freelancers Union to establish new insurance plans in New York, New Jersey, and Oregon

The Freelancers Union, a non-profit organization that represents freelance workers, has received a $341 million loan from the U.S. government. The money will help the organization set up health insurance plans in three states. New York, New Jersey, and Oregon are the states where the plans will take root once they have been finalized. The plans are meant to compete with those that come from for-profit insurance companies and may help lower coverage rates by bringing in more competition to the markets. The Freelancers Union owns its own insurance company…

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