Auto insurance discount coming to Ontario drivers with snow tires

Toronto Canada Auto ride share Insurance Discounts

The province has recently made its budget announcement and the government has continued its effort to lower rates. The Liberal government of Ontario, Canada, has now announced that it has made another line of changes to the auto insurance discount regulations in the province, as it continues its effort to bring down the costs associated to coverage for motorists. Among the regulations that have now been announced is one requiring auto insurance companies to reward drivers using snow tires. The provincial government also recently announced a number of other types…

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California earthquake insurance discount program unveiled

Earthquake Insurance

The state has revealed a plan in the attempt to broaden tremor coverage among its property owners. Many experts feel that the next big tremor is well overdue and yet the vast majority of homeowners in San Diego County do not have the necessary California earthquake insurance to protect them in case it should actually hit. It is estimated that 85 percent of homes in that region do not have the right coverage for a quake. This week, the state’s commissioner, Dave Jones, joined others in the industry in order…

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Auto insurance discount could make self-driving cars worthwhile

Google driverless auto insurance news discount

One day, the savings could be big enough on coverage that it could make these vehicles practical. Insurers are always advertising different ways for consumers to obtain an auto insurance discount that is large enough that it will entice them into switching to their policies, and with the introduction of new technologies such as self-driving cars, it appears as though an entirely new world is opening up for drivers and the companies that cover them, says a recent survey. Google has already produced a prototype for this type of vehicle,…

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5 Myths About Home Security

home security cybersecurity insurance industry

If you’ve thought about installing a home security system but you’ve heard rumors about them that are holding you back, you could be relying on myths without consideration for the truth. To set the record straight once and for all, check out these five myths about home security systems, and maybe you’ll change your mind. 1. No One Will Break Into My Home It doesn’t matter where you live, a burglar can target any home anywhere, and they’re seeking unprotected homes like yours. The FBI reports that there were over…

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Auto insurance can be cheaper for vehicles with low mileage

usage based insurance auto

Discounts are available for cars that aren’t driven very far every year. When buying auto insurance or renewing a policy for a vehicle that has low mileage, it is important to discuss this trait with the agent or company representative as discounts may be available. Many policyholders miss this opportunity for significant savings every month. It is important to note that not all auto insurance companies offer this opportunity. That said, many do have discounts for low mileage cars, so owners of these vehicles are being advised to speak with…

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