Tasteless insurance marketing ad uses MH17 crash to sell life policies

Life Insurance campaign

An Australian firm has now apologized for its advertising tactic after heavy criticisms. After receiving heavy criticism from Australians and people from other countries around the world, a life insurer has now apologized for having run an insurance marketing ad that described the tragedy of the MH17 crash as “a sign to consider life insurance”. That said, the company has blamed the actions of an overseas marketer for the creation of the advertisement. The Malaysian Airlines MH17 crash has been a terrible tragedy unto itself while also following quite closely…

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Insurance marketing spending war is easing

Insurance News about Marketing

The battle between Allstate and Geico over ads now appears to be cooling down. There has been an insurance marketing war going on between Allstate and Geico in terms of spending on ads, but now after two years of increases that have been in the double digits, it is now being reported that the later of those insurers had boosted its ad spend by only 5 percent in 2013, to reach $1.75 billion. At the same time, Allstate Corp. is also slowing its rate of spending on the ads that…

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Insurance marketing steps for using big data

Insurance Marketing

Though data analysis and targeting customers isn’t anything new, it does have requirements to make it work. As useful as big data may be for marketing your insurance business, actually using it to its best advantage can feel like quite the mystery and many agents and agencies can feel overwhelmed. A recent survey has indicated that many insurance marketers are not managing their data for optimal growth potential. This isn’t just a problem that is exclusive to insurance industry. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and Neolane conducted a survey and…

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Health insurance marketing focuses on Generation Y females

health insurance marketing young woman

A massive ad campaign has just launched to try to encourage young women to enroll. A massive advertising effort has started, this week, to help to promote health insurance among the young women who have the greatest likelihood of enrolling for a plan and to encourage a broader range of sign ups. These women are also the most likely to encourage their male counterparts to purchase coverage. Males in Generation Y are seen as high risk takers and are more willing to forgo health insurance coverage. However, it is believed…

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How to create a YouTube channel for insurance marketing


Video SEO is important for anyone wishing to get more traffic to a blog or website. Video is becoming more popular as a way to draw in potential clients seeking more information. The video market for insurance is wide open, so now is the time to get involved. In order to get video onto a blog or website, the video must be hosted. YouTube allows anyone to upload any video which can then be linked to or shared anywhere online. Here is how to start a YouTube channel to get…

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Celebrity insurance message about healthcare shared by Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand (1969 Hello Dolly!) Celebrity Insurance

The legendary performer hopes to help to provide Americans with more information about the Affordable Care Act. Although the President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party are not hurting for famous names to add to the celebrity insurance promotions that back their cause, Barbra Streisand is drawing a great deal of attention to the healthcare reforms and the associated requirements and benefits for the American public. Streisand is one of the Affordable Care Act’s most firm believers and most vocal crusaders. Now, the singer and actress is adding her name…

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Insurance news made as Progressive launches campaign with no Flo

Progressive Insurance news Flo

The latest ads from the insurer are concentrating on values instead of the typical discount focus. The mental image that is called up when thinking about Progressive typically includes Flo, the perky sales clerk who has become the company mascot, though this is not the case in the latest insurance news relating to the insurer’s marketing campaign. The light hearted ads from the insurer have become a signature advertising style. That said, the latest campaign is making insurance news by breaking with their tradition and implementing a much more serious…

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