Insurance coverage lacking among motorcycles in India

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Accidents involving any of 75 percent of riders provide no compensation to the victims. Two wheelers – including both motorcycles and scooters – are a very common vehicle in India, but recently released statistics have revealed that almost 75 percent of those riders are operating their vehicles without any type of insurance coverage, which is placing other road users at risk. This is particularly risky for other two-wheelers, cyclists, and pedestrians who don’t have protection. This data has been released by the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority (IRDA). This lack of…

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Auto insurance lacking in over one third of drivers in India

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Research has estimated that up to 35 percent of vehicles on Indian roads are not covered by a policy. A shocking auto insurance news release from Mumbai has revealed that an estimated 35 percent of cars on the roads of India are not carrying the third party liability coverage that is required by law. Moreover, over two thirds of two-wheeled vehicles are not covered by a legally required policy. This data was provided following an analysis performed by auto insurance companies in the country. What is possibly even worse is…

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