Healthcare fraudsters continue to get caught despite coronavirus pandemic

healthcare fraud

Most things in life have been paused in one way or another by the coronavirus pandemic. Whether that’s sport, entertainment, construction or even something as simple as going to the shops, social distancing has slowed so many things down. Yet the justice system’s ability to prosecute those allegedly abusing the healthcare system for financial gain shows now signs of slowing.  A quick search for the term “healthcare fraud” on Google will bring up dozens of new news articles every week. When you look at the numbers involved, it’s clear to…

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New report calls into question the availability of employer-sponsored health insurance

Employees Health Insurance Plan

Report predicts that employers could put an end to their insurance plans The Congressional Budget Office has released a report that predicts that 10 million people will lose their employer-sponsored health insurance coverage by 2021. The report suggests that this will be due to provisions of the Affordable Care Act. If accurate, this prediction would run opposite to a statement from the White House that ensured people that they would be able to keep their health insurance coverage. This statement has already been scrutinized in the past, when insurers opted…

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Health care reform is causing public sector shift cuts

Health care Reform

In order to bypass the requirements of the insurance law, workers are becoming part time employees. According to local and state officials across the country, public employees are finding their hours cut back and limited to that of part time workers when they had previously been working full time, as their employers are trying to skirt the health care reform requirement to provide them with insurance. This has been the case in public schools, community colleges, cities, and counties. The public sector is an area that has yet to experience…

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HHS reports 6 million people received health insurance on the New Year

Health Insurance rate increases

6 million new policies go active The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has announced that nearly 6 million people now have active health insurance due to the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Approximately 2 million people have received coverage from private insurers while 4 million have received coverage through government programs. The agency claims that this represents a major victory for the health care law and shows that insurance exchanges have managed to perform well despite their initial problems. 2 million people find coverage through exchanges According…

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Insurance marketing in full swing as celebrities back healthcare enrollment

Adam Levine health insurance marketing

Top names are helping in the promotion of the exchanges and signing up for coverage. Some of the most popular celebrities in the country, including the Sexiest Man Alive, have been enlisted in the insurance marketing strategy for boosting the interest and participation in enrollment in the healthcare reform law. Pop singer, Adam Levine, is one of the huge names that are helping to promote the online marketplaces. Levine, who received the designation of Sexiest Man Alive from People magazine in November, is only one of many celebrities taking part…

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Healthcare reforms continue to be made as HHS delays enrollment deadline

healthcare reform deadline

Consumers who shop for their coverage using the federal exchange will now have another week. Americans who are shopping around for health insurance through the use of the federal exchange website will now be provided with an extension on the previous deadline, as new healthcare reforms have granted them until December 23 in order to sign up on the site and obtain the benefits required to comply with the individual mandate starting on January 1, 2014. This, according to an announcement recently made by the Department of Health and Human…

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Healthcare reforms in California are doing far better than federal changes

California Health Insurance exchange popularity

Although the rollout of the site has experienced massive struggles, is thriving. As the federal government continues to struggle with problems and errors related to its healthcare reforms, particularly in the website, California has been sailing along with a great deal of successes with its own exchange site, The problems with which many Americans have been struggling with the federal site are absent in California. Citizens in California have been able to take advantage of the better side of the healthcare reforms, as their state set…

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