Thousands in Arkansas fear lost health insurance benefits under new rules

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Medicaid changes in Republican led states are often aligning with Trump’s efforts to dismantle Obamacare. One state at a time, health insurance benefits are changing for those reliant on Medicaid and whose governors are Republican. As the GOP works to take Obamacare apart, many states now have stricter Medicaid regulations. Arkansas has become the first state to push the new health insurance benefits rule. It will require state residents to have to provide proof of their employment or volunteer status in order to keep their Medicaid coverage. As the law…

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Could health food insurance support preventative medicine and natural treatments?

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Doctors and healthcare providers are increasingly pursuing food-based interventions. Health food insurance could one day be on its way to American plans. Just as health plans currently cover some prevention, prescriptions, procedures and doctor visits, they may one day cover certain foods. The idea is that food-based interventions can effectively prevent or treat certain conditions. The food-based intervention trend is rapidly expanding across the United States. In this way, doctors are recommending that patients prevent conditions by eating right. Similarly, some conditions can be treated more effectively when a patient…

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Colorado mental health insurance bill to help consumers navigate the system

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A new measure introduced this week may make it simpler for state residents to receive mental health care. A new Colorado mental health insurance bill introduced this week could make it easier for state residents to receive the care they need. The idea is to form a state ombudsperson’s office. The goal of the office is to assist Colorado residence in navigating the insurance system for mental health care. Many people struggle to understand their rights and to whom they should direct their questions. Individuals find the current Colorado mental…

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Walmart health insurance acquisition talks underway with Humana

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The largest retail chain in the world is reportedly in early-stage negotiations with the insurer. A new Walmart health insurance company may one day form if its acquisition of Humana is successful. The Wall Street Journal reported that the retailer was in talks with the insurer for precisely that purpose. Reuters soon after reported that the companies were working on a possible partnership without ruling out an acquisition. Humana’s shares skyrocketed by up to 13 percent during the trade hours following the reports. The Walmart health insurance talks also gave…

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Health insurance program in danger of running out of funding

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Federal health insurance program is at risk of having funds run dry The Affordable Care Act may be running out of funding for one of the key programs set up throughout one of its most ambitious provisions. The Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Program was set up through the Affordable Care Act as a way to ensure that those with pre-existing medical conditions have access to comprehensive health insurance coverage. The federal law requires that this insurance program be funded by the federal government itself, but the funds for the program are…

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Health insurance in some parts of California may be on the rise

California Health Insurance

Bay Area residents may experience hikes in their premiums for their coverage next year. Consumers living in the Bay Area could potentially experience increases to their health insurance premiums, say some industry experts, if new proposals are all to pass by lawmakers in the state. The federal healthcare law is currently being interpreted by lawmakers and could lead to some added cost. Though some have predicted that there could be health insurance rate increases by as much as 20 percent, others don’t believe that the increases will be anywhere near…

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Washington introduces new health insurance regulation

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Legislators enforce new health insurance regulation concerning clinical trials Legislators in Washington have been making moves to make health insurance more consumer friendly in recent months. As part of this ongoing effort, the state’s Office of the Insurance Commissioner has introduced a new insurance regulation that will have an impact on insurers and the coverage they provide those participating in clinical trials. Health insurance companies have traditionally refused to provide coverage for such trials because of their uncertain, and often risky nature. Now, however, the state is ready to force…

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Affordable Care Act creates strife for Florida regulators

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Regulators struggling to enact provisions of Affordable Care Act Insurance regulators in Florida are having a hard time complying with the Affordable Care Act. Late last week, regulators approached a legislative committee concerning the matter, informing lawmakers that they face a range of complex issues that inhibit them from making progress. Regulators cite a multitude of legal requirements and filings coming from the state’s health insurers as major factors in prohibiting their ability to implement key provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Legislative direction thought by state’s regulators Regulators are…

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TrueCost plan sparks dispute in Cincinnati

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TrueCost plan provokes standoff between employees and employers A standoff in Cincinnati, Ohio, between employees and their employers has formed concerning a controversial new health insurance plan called TrueCost. The plan has become very popular for Cincinnati employers, but workers are concerning over the potential the plan has of introducing a variety of new medical costs. So far, nine Cincinnati employers, representing some 5,000 employers combined, have adopted the TrueCost plan, which comes from Custom Design Benefits. Plan allows employers to take control of health care costs According to employers,…

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Covered California wins additional funding from federal government

California Health Insurance

Covered California receives $674 million grant The California health insurance exchange, which is called Covered California, has been awarded an additional $674 million in funds from the federal government. The funds will help with the development and launch of Covered California, as well as power the marketing campaign that will promote the health insurance exchange. The funds will be issued to the state over the next two years, with part of this grant to be used after Covered California officially begins operation in 2014. Funds to be used to market…

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