New health insurance option may be coming to Wyoming

Wyoming Health Insurance

Wyoming may study the financial impact of opening up the state’s insurance plan to residents Those living in Wyoming may have a new option when it comes to health insurance coverage. The Wyoming Department of Health may study the possibility of allowing all those living in the state to join its existing insurance plan. The state’s Joint Appropriations Committee has approved to add the study to a two-year budget legislation that has been introduced. Lawmakers want to task the Department of Health with building a report concerning the financial impact…

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Kentucky approves controversial health insurance deal between Aetna and Humana

Kentucky insurance exchange health insurers

New Insurance Commissioner grants approval for Aetna’s acquisition of Humana Kentucky’s new Insurance Commissioner, H. Brian Maynard, has approved of a controversial acquisition plan from Aetna. The insurance provider has plans to acquire Humana in a deal that has caused concern among consumers and some government officials. The deal is valued at approximately $37 billion and some fear that it could have a dramatic impact on the health insurance market. Commissioner Maynard’s decision to approve the deal has been met with some criticism. Economists have yet to report on the…

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New legislation in Arizona seeks to secure health insurance for children

Children’s Health Insurance Program kids

Legislation revitalizing the KidsCare program has received approval from state representatives Children in Arizona may soon have access to the health insurance coverage they need thanks to new legislation. The legislation has been approved by the state’s House of Representatives and aims to revitalize a program known as KidsCare. The program is designed to provide coverage for children in families with incomes from 138% to 200% below the federal poverty level. The legislation revitalizing the program still has some legislative hurdles to overcome, but it has gathered strong support from…

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Health insurance deductibles are on the rise in the United States

cash money subsidy health insurance deductibles

Consumers are facing higher deductibles for their health care plans More people than ever before have been able to acquire health insurance coverage, particularly through exchange marketplaces, but they are beginning to encounter a problem they may not have expected: Growing deductibles. Deductibles for employer-sponsored coverage have grown by 67% since 2010, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. HealthPocket, a health plan comparison site, shows that the average deductible for the least expensive coverage available through exchanges stands at $5,700 for 2016. Deductibles are higher for policies with low premiums…

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12.7 million people enroll for health insurance coverage in the US

online health insurance technology exchange

HHS reports that more people signed up for insurance coverage in 2016 than they did in 2015 The Department of Health and Human Services has released data showing that 12.7 million people throughout the United States have enrolled for health insurance coverage through exchanges for 2016 coverage. Enrollment numbers surged during the last hours of the open enrollment period as consumers scrambled to acquire the health insurance policies they need to avoid a federal penalty. The open enrollment period seems to have been a success, ensuring that more people than…

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President Obama seeks to make changes to controversial health insurance tax

obama health insurance tax news political

Obama to introduce changes to Cadillac tax with his 2017 budget plan President Barack Obama has plans to introduce changes to the controversial “Cadillac tax” that was approved in late 2015. Unlike the name suggests, the Cadillac tax has nothing to do with auto insurance. Instead, it is focused on health insurance, particularly plans that are sold in the private market. President Obama is set to introduce the changes he wishes to make to the tax when he announced his 2017 budget plan next week. Cadillac tax has been a…

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Over 200,000 people enroll for health insurance in Washington

Health Insurance rate increases

Washington consumers find the coverage they need through the state’s insurance exchange The open enrollment period for health insurance exchanges has ended and more than 200,000 people have enrolled for coverage in Washington. State officials note that more people may have attempted to acquire coverage through exchanges, but were unable to due to technical difficulties. Those that experienced computer issues are being encouraged to contact Washington Healthplanfinder in order to complete the enrollment process. Though the open enrollment period is over, those with partially completed enrollment applications could be granted…

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Health insurance company put under state supervision in Alaska

health insurance enrollment

Alaskan regulators place Moda Health Plan under supervision due to financial concerns The Alaska Division of Insurance has announced that Moda Health Plan, a health insurance company based in Oregon, will no longer be offering policies in the state. Regulators cite concerns regarding the insurer’s financial situation. Moda will not be accepting new customers or renewals for the time being and regulators will continue to evaluate the issue. In its home state of Oregon, Moda was placed under supervision by the state due to financial issues, which influenced the decision…

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Health insurance premiums set to grow in Tennessee

America's health insurance plan

BlueCross Blue Shield intends to raise rates for 2017 coverage BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee is preparing to request for additional rate hikes in the coming months. The company is the largest health insurance provider in the state and is looking to raise premiums in an effort to overcome financial losses. The insurer has estimated that it will have lost $150 million by providing insurance policies through exchange marketplaces. Exchanges were designed to make coverage more accessible, something which they managed to accomplish quite well. Insurers are fighting financial losses by…

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Consumers in Texas going uninsured due to the high cost of health insurance

Texas health Insurance companies

High cost of insurance policies leads many to avoid the coverage that they need Many people in Texas still lack health insurance coverage, but these uninsured people are unlikely to acquire coverage due to its high cost. A new report from the Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy and the Episcopal Health Foundation shows that many people are struggling to pay for insurance coverage, which has lead them to avoid purchasing policies altogether. an estimated 20% of uninsured Texans noted that they simply do not want health insurance coverage…

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