Health insurance has become Walmart’s latest market

Walmart Health Insurance

The retail giant has made its next move to ensure that it will always have a finger in every pie. The largest retailer in the world has now announced that it has intentions to begin working with, an agency and internet health insurance comparison website, in order to give its customers the chance to compare various comparison options, and either enroll in plans in the public exchange as created under the Affordable Care Act, or enroll in Medicare plans. This is only the most recent step that Walmart has…

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Health insurance comparison guide for 2013 Medicare supplement released

Medicare open enrollment deadline approaching fast – things you should know!

The Louisiana Department of Insurance and senior counselors are helping beneficiaries for next year. With the 2013 open enrollment period growing closer to completion for Medicare health insurance beneficiaries, officials in the industry are now ready to help people to ensure that they make the right choices for their coverage. Assistance is now available for helping to make decisions and use the coverage more effectively. Louisiana Department of Insurance Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIP) has counselors who are working throughout the state to help beneficiaries of Medicare to choose…

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Health insurance providers must now offer information fact sheets

Health insurance for small business health care costs

This should provide vital comparison data that assists consumers in making the best choice. As consumers find it very challenging to sift through the vast array of different complex health insurance plans, with all of their different coverages, caps, rules, regulations, and exceptions a new law has now been put into effect, which requires insurers to issue fact sheets to make this process easier. This data is meant to help people covered through their employers as well as in the individual market. Last week, the Affordable Care Act added its…

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