Governor Kemp’s Georgia health insurance changes get the federal nod

Georgia health insurance - White House

The state will become the first in the country to offer federally subsidized plans only through private brokers. The Georgia health insurance system will make the state the first one in the country to offer its residents fully subsidized plans exclusively through private brokers. This will occur as a result of a new plan under approval by the Trump administration. Another portion of this plan will offer Medicaid to certain adults in the lowest income bracket. This new Georgia health insurance rule will mean that able-bodied adults will have access…

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Health care reforms hit a wall with the Georgia Governor

Health care reforms Nathan Deal Georgia Governor

Gov. Nathan Deal has rejected the opportunity to have a state-run insurance exchange. Governor Nathan Deal of Georgia has made the insurance news announcement regarding the health care reforms in the state, and that they will not be building or implementing their own health plan exchange to comply with the Affordable Care Act. The governor has said that lack of flexibility, unknown costs and lack of state control made his decision. Though the Supreme Court said that states could opt out of the expansion of their Medicaid programs, they upheld…

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