Florida DFS hires 10 new property insurance fraud investigators

Insurance fraud

The Department of Financial Services has hired sworn law enforcement officers for the investigations. The Florida Department of Financial Services (DFS) has hired 13 new employees, 10 of whom are law enforcement officers who will be investigating property insurance fraud, said Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis. The state Legislature approved the investigation squads in 2020, and the hiring is now complete. The insurance fraud investigators are based in Orlando and Tampa. They will be granted the authority to work with other law enforcement units as well as with the insurance…

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New Florida hurricane insurance option to be deductible- and inspection-free

Florida hurricane insurance - Hurricane in Florida

Coverage has always been important to homeowners as it is regularly threatened by the storms. A new Florida hurricane insurance option is being launched to make claims more straightforward for property owners. Millions of homeowners in the state are used to the time and expense still required after a claim. Standard Florida hurricane insurance requires a homeowner to have to pay a deductable when a claim is made for storm damage. In many cases, that deductible is high that the customer ends up paying the entire repair cost. For many…

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NICB reveals top cities and states known for suspicious insurance claims

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) has released a report that has indicated that almost half of all of the suspicious property/casualty insurance claims made to insurance companies come from California, New York, Texas, Florida, and Michigan. In fact, those five states alone make up 49 percent of the total number of “questionable claims” in the entire country, according to the NICB’s calculations, as presented in the report. The NICB’s definition of a questionable claim is one that is passed on to the NICB by insurance companies who are members…

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