California wildfire insurance rates are heading skyward

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In southern parts of the state, residents have been watching their premiums rise due to the fires. Dozens of Southern Californians are threatened by forest fires and at the same time as they worry for their homes, they are watching their California wildfire insurance premiums skyrocket. Many houses have already been damaged – or nearly damaged – which can be enough to affect premiums. That said, it’s important to note that wildfire insurance won’t automatically spike right away. The odds are that California wildfire insurance rates will rise. This is…

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Louisiana parish to see fire insurance rates fall considerably

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The state commissioner, Jim Donelon, has told East Feliciana Parash to expect to save money this year. A number of regions throughout Louisiana are going to feel a bit of a relief when it comes to the amount that they are paying for their fire insurance coverage, this year, as rates are expected to fall. This, according to a statement that was made by Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon. Donelon explained that the fire insurance rates are expected to start to fall as of July 6. This will be a…

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Fire insurance costs remain steady regardless of payouts

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Though there have been a large number of payments required due to wildfires, costs are level. Wildfires have been an immensely destructive force throughout the American West in 2013, and while fire insurance payments have been considerable, it still looks as though the costs in this sector will remain steady. The latest predictions are that this will be yet another year of payments in the hundreds of millions of dollars. The losses are predicted to be in the hundreds of millions from the wildfires this year, leading to yet another…

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