Toothbrush startup acquires dental insurance company for total tooth care

Dental Insurance Company - Toothbrush and Dental Tools

Quip has announced its intentions to purchase Afora, taking the next step in its unique business model. Electric toothbrush startup, Quip, is acquiring Afora, a dental insurance company. Quip first started selling its toothbrushes online back in 2015. It has, since that time, built a substantial consumer network. The toothbrush company offers subscriptions for direct-to-consumer personal care products. As popular as its toothbrushes have become, Quip is lining up to become more than a toothbrush brand. Instead, it is expanding to be able to become a dental insurance company, too.…

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Is the United States facing a dentist shortage?

Dental Insurance

A dentist shortage has been identified in the United States – particularly in areas where there are higher levels of poverty – and it is now being predicted that this problem will only increase by 2014 when the Affordable Care Act goes into full force. Thousands of Americans are visiting emergency rooms every day to obtain treatments for dental problems that are considered to be entirely preventable. For example, in 2009, there were over 830,000 E.R. visits for just this type of problem, such as tooth abscesses that make it…

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Survey shows Americans are avoiding the dentist due to the struggling economy

The “2011 Survey of Dental Care Affordability and Accessibility” conducted by Empirica research along with University of Southern California professor Dr. David Neal has shown that about half of all Americans do not have dental insurance, and that in 2010, the premiums for dental coverage rose by a much greater amount than those for medical insurance. This fact, in combination with the struggling economic times, is meaning that an increasing number of people are pushing dental care down on their priority lists because they feel they cannot afford it.…

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