Will auto insurance rates rise because of cheaper prices at the pump?

gas prices at the pump auto insurance

Just as the cost of fueling up with gas goes down, the premiums for coverage might go up. As we watch the price of gas falling, it can be easy to think that we’ll be saving a lot of money, that is until the auto insurance premiums start to make their rise and find us spending in a new area. The price of gas is not directly related to the insurance rates that are charged, but it is indirectly connected. Although the price being advertised at gas stations does not…

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Insurance industry giving more vehicles a top safety rating

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s vehicle tests for the 2012 models, a tremendous 115 achieved the “Top Safety Pick” rating. This was the case even for the 2012 vehicle base models, as they must now include electronic stability control, antilock brakes, multiple airbags, and a tire pressure sensor monitor. The more expensive models included additional safety features such as blind-spot warning alerts and lights, and backup cameras. As a result, deaths from traffic incidents are declining. According to data from the U.S. Department of Transportation, in 2010,…

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