The cost of insurance is driving US chemical makers and refiners to lower coverage

Cost of Insurance - Petrochemical Plant

These American companies have watched premiums rise sharply due to several severe accidents. U.S. petrochemical plants and refineries have experienced considerable hikes in the cost of insurance. As a result, these companies have started cutting back on the coverage they carry to protect themselves. Many years of sizeable accidents sent coverage prices skyward, said industry sources. As the cost of insurance rises and the amount of coverage drops for business interruption and physical damage, energy companies may become responsible for their own liability issues. This could land them with millions…

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Cost of insurance too high for Maine town to fly American flag

Cost of insurance - American Flag

The smallest town in the state simply doesn’t have adequate liability coverage to honor its military veterans. The town of Randolph, Maine, wanted to honor military veterans by flying American flags. However, the cost of insurance to cover potential liabilities is too high. Therefore, the smallest town in the state will be unable to fly American flags on their utility poles. The liability insurance expense was too high for the budget associated with this project. The Randolph Fire Association held a fundraiser around a year ago. This fundraiser was to…

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Are teacher insurance benefits expenses making the job cost prohibitive?

insurance benefits teacher

The latest increases for educators in Alabama have people wondering if the position will lose its appeal. Budget struggles in Alabama will likely be sending the out of pocket expenses for teacher insurance benefits upward, yet again, and while it may not have been as dramatic as some had predicted, it is still an added cost and there are worries with regards to the impact that this could have on the profession of the educator. The issue is that teachers will be paying higher insurance rates for their coverage which…

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Insurance premiums to be reimbursed to Marcus Mariota

football players and disability insurance premiums

Three other Oregon players will also be receiving their reimbursements for similar reasons. Among the most recent trends that have been occurring in college football is that the schools direct some of the student assistance fund from the athletic department to pay for the insurance premiums for the coverage of players who look as though they will have a promising future in the NFL. Among the universities taking part in this practice, the Oregon Ducks have become the most recent to join. Four players from the state have been receiving…

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Auto insurance affordability is American government’s next focus

auto insurance car

Regulators are now taking a look at how much it costs to cover vehicles across the country. Over the last few years, the federal government has started to amass a list of consumer complaints and has built a database about credit card companies and banks, which has more recently included auto insurance companies. A federal office has now announced that they will be placing their focus on car insurance premiums. The office first made the announcement back in April that it would be increasing the efforts that it was making…

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