Homeowners insurance program permits fire mitigation rebates

Colorado has a program in western Boulder County to help residents protect themselves against wildfires. A new program has now been created in western Boulder County, Colorado, that is designed to help homeowners insurance customers to be able to prepare for wildfires and keep themselves and their properties safe. Despite the fact that the fire season hasn’t been all that heavy, this year, the program is becoming quite popular. So far, the Wildfire Partners program has 500 participants, this year. Moreover, there are a number of other homeowners insurance customers…

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Fire insurance costs remain steady regardless of payouts

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Though there have been a large number of payments required due to wildfires, costs are level. Wildfires have been an immensely destructive force throughout the American West in 2013, and while fire insurance payments have been considerable, it still looks as though the costs in this sector will remain steady. The latest predictions are that this will be yet another year of payments in the hundreds of millions of dollars. The losses are predicted to be in the hundreds of millions from the wildfires this year, leading to yet another…

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Wildfire insurance claims in Colorado approach $500 million

High Park and Waldo Canyon fire victims have already started making their filings. Wildfire insurance data from the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association has indicated that the claims from victims of the High Park and Waldo Canyon wildfires will generate payouts of almost $450 million from insurers. This estimate is preliminary, as the claims process is just getting started. Insurers have begun looking into the tallies of the losses from personal property and home damage from the fires that caused destruction to over 600 houses in El Paso and Larimer…

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