Homeowners insurance program permits fire mitigation rebates

Colorado has a program in western Boulder County to help residents protect themselves against wildfires.

A new program has now been created in western Boulder County, Colorado, that is designed to help homeowners insurance customers to be able to prepare for wildfires and keep themselves and their properties safe.

Despite the fact that the fire season hasn’t been all that heavy, this year, the program is becoming quite popular.

So far, the Wildfire Partners program has 500 participants, this year. Moreover, there are a number of other homeowners insurance customers and property owners who are on a waiting list to be able to take part when a spot opens up for them. Residents who take part in this program receive an inspection of their properties and when they take on mitigation strategies that will help to reduce the risk of damage to their properties, they receive a rebate.

Homeowners insurance rebates can come from activities such as clearing away vegetation.

Wildfire insurance Waldo colorado CanyonOnce these actions have been taken in order to be able to prevent a property from being affected by wildfires in the area – or at least to decrease the damage that a fire could cause – a certificate is issued as proof that mitigation work has been completed. This can be provided to insurance companies so that a rebate on premiums can be applied.

Jim Webster, the coordinator of the program, has said that the fact that the program has filled up as quickly as it has, this year, is a clear indication that residents of the state are being proactive when it comes to fire protection.

He stated that “Even though there’s not smoke in the air, people recognize this is a long-term issue and they need to do something on a regular basis.” The county is funding the program by using about $600,000 of a state grant, this year.

Recently, Allstate became the first homeowners insurance company that has agreed to officially accept these proof of fire mitigation certificates. Webster explained that other insurers have also expressed interest in accepting the certificates, and while they are not accepting them as a standard, they are looking at them on a case by case basis and are applying rebates where they feel it is appropriate.

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