Insurance news from China shows it easing access for foreign investment

China Insurance industry news

The country is making it easier for companies from around the world to join the industry. According to an American business group, China has announced its latest insurance news by saying that its restrictions on foreign companies within that industry as well as in delivery and travel will be eased as a part of an effort to turn around the current plummet in foreign investors. Some of these efforts were revealed in talks between the United States and China last May. However, additional details are now being added at this…

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China is likely to allow foreign companies into its mandatory auto insurance marketplace

The Insurance Association of China’s chairman has announced that the country will likely be opening its doors to the largest auto market in the world to make it possible for foreign companies to enter into the mandatory auto insurance marketplace in 2012. Currently, this auto insurance market of $31.5 billion is entirely led by insurance companies from China, for example, Ping An Insurance and PICC Property and Casualty Co., but regulators are working to bring in a greater amount of competition. Jin Jianqiang, in Taipei, explained that insurers from other…

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China State Council may discuss allowing foreign auto insurance companies into the country

Since 2009, China has been able to boast a profit in its auto insurance sector, as it experienced a tightening on the regulation of price controls that turned it around after years of losses within the insurance industry as a whole, as 70 percent of its profits were from that sector. Now, China’s State Council is thinking about taking things a step further, with the consideration of a plan that would permit some foreign insurers to sell their own liability policies for the first time within the country, increasing the…

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