Top 12 most stolen vehicles in the U.S.

Forbes magazine has released its annual list of the most stolen models of cars, which is compiled using the National Insurance Crime Bureau Hot Wheels Report statistics. According to a spokesperson for the National Insurance Crime Bureau, Frank Scafidi, though many people would imagine that the struggling economy would lead to an increase in street crime, “There is no empirical data to make that kind of broad statement,” so the organization is working to try to minimize that assumption. The FBI’s crime division’s statistics actually showed that 2010 had the…

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The difference your vehicle makes to your auto insurance premiums

The type of vehicle you own and wish to insure plays a significant role among the various considerations that are used to calculate the rates that you will be quoted. There are many items that are factored into a rate calculation for car insurance, many of which have to do with the specific type of vehicle you are trying to insure, including the value or price of the vehicle, its popularity, the frequency of its theft, how much it costs to repair and even the way the drivers of those…

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The business of fraudulent insurance claims

Conseco Life rate increase shot down

Today, there are some that make a living specializing only in insurance fraud by submitting doctored up insurance claims. The false claims received may include life insurance, third-party policy, personal damage and car theft.  In many cases, the claim amounts asked for are considerably higher than the injuries, damage or loss that occurred – this can raise a red flag to potential wrong doing. Life insurance fraud is when someone makes false claims about faking an injury or death.  The false documentation used is usually police reports, medical cards, marriage…

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