The difference your vehicle makes to your auto insurance premiums

New Car InsuranceThe type of vehicle you own and wish to insure plays a significant role among the various considerations that are used to calculate the rates that you will be quoted.

There are many items that are factored into a rate calculation for car insurance, many of which have to do with the specific type of vehicle you are trying to insure, including the value or price of the vehicle, its popularity, the frequency of its theft, how much it costs to repair and even the way the drivers of those vehicles are perceived.

Though much of that information is based on actual numbers, issues such as perceptions can be rather variable, meaning that there may be a very wide range in the different rate quotes that are received for any given vehicle.

The value or price of the vehicle is based on its make, model, year, and the added options that it includes. Slightly different from that calculation is what repairs cost, as some vehicles – regardless of their price tag – are more expensive to fix than others. Popularity of the car can often impact this cost, as the more common the car is, the more available (and therefore less expensive) the repair parts will be.

Aside from how much a vehicle is worth and the type of expense that can be expected to repair it, its appeal as a target of theft is also brought into consideration. There are some makes and models that are stolen much more commonly than others.

Most auto insurance quotes will vary quit a bit from American made cars to foreign vehicles. The concept as been in the past that Toyota’s and Honda’s hold their value more opposed to some U.S. built vehicles thus making for a higher car insurance rate. The foreign vehicles parts to fix and replace usually cost more too. So again, this all comes down to the value, meaning it might be good to look at the American made vehicle just to save some cash on your premiums.

Before purchasing a vehicle, it can be worthwhile to look into these various points in order to save money on your car insurance rates.

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