20,000 California doctors see a decrease in their business insurance premiums

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Rate regulation decreases these rates by an additional $21 million. Should a pending ballot initiative pass, patients in California will receive the same level of protection against health insurance premiums that are deemed unfair as doctors are receiving through their business insurance. The Department of Insurance in the state has announced that it will also be using its prior approval rate regulation authority to decrease the premiums for medical malpractice insurance for the approximately 20,000 medical professionals who are covered by The Doctors Company. The decrease in rates should total…

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Doctors save $19 million in malpractice insurance due to insurance rate regulation

The California Department of Insurance has revealed that there has been a total savings of approximately $19 million on the medical malpractice insurance premiums of medical care providers such as doctors and dentists, as the result of the rate regulation authority approval in that state geared toward reducing unjustified premiums. Equally, though, Consumer Watchdog Campaign has pointed out that the same protection for patients is being opposed by a doctors’ group. The Consumer Watchdog Campaign has been questioning the undisclosed links to the insurance industry of the leaders of the…

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