Auto insurance collision data shows daylight saving time boosts accidents

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An MP report has shown that when the clocks spring forward, drivers are left dozy behind the wheel. Daylight saving time, also known as summer time, has now caused the clocks to “spring forward” in many countries around the world, including much of the U.S. and Canada, and this has caused health and auto insurance news headlines to flare up with controversy, statistics, and discoveries about the impact that the practice has on our society. This trend will occur once again at the end of the month, as many other…

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Auto insurance data shows NFL games cause accidents

Superbowl football auto insurance

The rate of drunk driving crashes increased on Super Bowl Sunday, as is the case with other football game days. The auto insurance industry has released data that has revealed that when NFL home games are played, as well as during the Super Bowl, car crashes rise, particularly when it comes to those that are associated with drunk driving. The data also revealed that when a home NFL team loses, the car crash rate increases more than when there is a win. Auto insurance statistics have shown that big NFL…

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New Jersey auto insurance was the most expensive

New Jersey Auto Insurance

A recently released industry report has revealed that drivers in the state were paying the highest amounts. According to an industry report that was released at the very end of 2013, New Jersey auto insurance was the most expensive for drivers to buy in 2011, as motorists paid higher premiums for coverage there than in any other state in the country. The average premiums paid by drivers in order to maintain their coverage was $1,301.52, that year. When compared to the national average – as per the statistics from the…

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Auto insurance competition helps U.S. drivers

Auto Insurance rates and prices

It is believed that this heavily regulated industry keeps its prices down because of the need to compete. The Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) has released a report that has stated that even though the auto insurance industry is extremely regulated in the U.S., the high level of competition within the marketplace is making sure that coverage is broadly available to motorists and stays affordable. The cost of this coverage has been increasing at a slower rate than gasoline and healthcare, said the I.I.I. In response to a Consumer Federation of…

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Auto insurance customer satisfaction falls in US

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A J.D. Power study has shown that policyholders are not as happy with their insurers as they once were. According to the results of a study that was conducted by J.D. Power and Associates, customer satisfaction with American auto insurance companies has fallen in five different categories within the last year. The research showed that policyholders are not expressing the level of satisfaction that they were in 2012. The areas of auto insurance customer satisfaction that were measured by J.D. Power were in policy offerings, price, interaction, billing and payments,…

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Auto insurance survey sheds light on distracted driving

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New Jersey auto insurance influenced by distracted drivers Plymouth Rock Assurance, an auto insurance organization based in New Jersey, has released the results of a new survey concerning distracted driving. The survey suggests that texting while driving remains a significant problem in New Jersey.  Though not implied by the survey, this problem could be contributing to the rising costs of auto insurance. Distractions are taken very seriously by the auto insurance sector, and any distraction could be justifiable cause to raise premiums due to the inherent risks they represent. Many…

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Auto insurance basics remain a mystery to 68 percent of drivers

Auto Insurance survey

Nearly one third of all motorists could not correctly answer a multiple choice survey about their coverage. The results of a recent survey of American drivers have just been released and they have revealed that only 32 percent of motorists have an understanding of the basics of auto insurance. The questions that were asked involved the very basic details regarding vehicle coverage. The survey’s questions asked about the difference between collision and comprehensive auto insurance, the purpose of gap coverage, and other details that are considered to be quite basic…

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