Who’s Responsible? California Faces New Rate Hikes from State Farm and Allstate

State Farm and Allstate Buildings - Who is causing high rates in California

California homeowners and renters may soon face significant financial strain as two of the state’s largest insurers, State Farm and Allstate, announce hefty rate hikes. These increases come against a backdrop of escalating climate change impacts and urban expansion into wildfire-prone areas. Significant Increases from Major Insurers State Farm, the largest home insurer in California, has applied for substantial rate hikes across its various insurance lines. The company, which insures nearly one in five homes in the state, has requested a 30% increase for homeowners insurance, a 52% increase for…

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State Farm Faces Unprecedented Claims Surge as Hurricane Beryl Breaks Records

State Farm Claims soar from hurricane damage

Hurricane Beryl Smashes Records, Unleashing Insurance Claim Surge Hurricane Beryl has left an unprecedented mark in its wake, driving State Farm to handle over 16,000 insurance claims—a record for the company. This surge in claims was set off when Beryl struck Texas, marking the first U.S. landfall of the 2024 Atlantic Hurricane season, according to a report by AM Best. The financial fallout from this historic storm is projected to reach into the billions, reflecting widespread damage to properties and vehicles across multiple states. Initially impacting the U.S. as a…

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Allstate Study: Discounts for Prepared Customers Could Save Millions

Allstate - Climate Resilience savings

Economic Study Highlights Massive Savings Through Climate Resilience Investments As natural disasters become more frequent and severe, Americans face a growing number of billion-dollar calamities each year. A recent economic study by Allstate, in collaboration with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, reveals that proactive investments in climate resilience and preparedness could save both communities and insurers substantial sums. The study shows that for every dollar spent on resilience and preparedness, communities can save $13 in damages, cleanup costs, and economic impacts. This finding…

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Are auto insurance companies secretly spying on drivers with their phones?

Auto Insurance - Spying

Common apps may be feeding insurers more info than motorists think Auto insurance companies have been offering discounts to drivers who use their apps to track their habits behind the wheel and prove that they are safe while they’re on the road. Other apps may also be feeding information to insurers According to a recent Business Insider report, auto insurance companies are learning about drivers’ habits even if those motorists haven’t signed up to be tracked.  The report stated that there is a slew of commonly used applications installed on…

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What are kitty cat storms and what do they mean to home insurance?

kitty cat storms

These secondary weather systems are striking areas across the US, leaving damage behind While we tend to think of the most damaging weather that will impact home insurance as massive systems that take a long time to build and then stomp their way across the region, they’re not alone. Severe-convective storms are what the industry calls “secondary perils” The severe-convective storms, also known as kitty cat storms, are thunderstorms that build rapidly to the point of being large and powerful but disappear once again within a span of days or…

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