Pet Insurance: Is it beneficial for your pet?

healing puppy 400 widePet insurance is different from your health insurance.  The veterinary office will charge you the full amount for the procedure.  Then your pet’s insurance will reimburse you after you file a claim.  It is a good idea to set up a separate account for your pet’s medical needs.

Pat Howard, the office manager at Aidmore Animal Clinic said, “The field of veterinary medicine can do so much more to prolong a dog’s comfort and life, but it’s expensive.  I think pet insurance will become more and more popular as people are able to keep their pets longer and longer.”

When purchasing your pet’s insurance, review the plan so you know what is covered.  Since pre-existing and hereditary conditions are usually not covered it is better to know ahead of time.  Also, younger pets usually get insurance at cheaper rates.

Dr. Phil Iverson of the Highland Animal Hospital said, “Having pet insurance is great because it allows us to really work up cases more thoroughly.  We really do a better job, especially in an emergency.  You’re not as worried about how much everything is going to cost, so you can do a more thorough job in general on pets.”

According to Dr. George Rennels of Augusta Animal Emergency, “Pet insurance is a great tool for veterinarians to provide care to animals, but it is a business.  Insurance companies intend to make more money on premiums than they do in payout.  In general, if it is financially feasible for the client, it’s better to self-insure.”

Check with your veterinarian to see if they provide a wellness plan.  The package might offer unlimited office visits, fecal and heartworm tests and annual vaccines.  The plan doesn’t cover illnesses, but your veterinarian office might offer Care Credit, which is a medical payment account based on your credit history.

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