Car and home insurance you didn’t know you had

extra 400 wideYour car and homeowner’s insurance policies may cover things you have not thought about. This may vary depending on the type of coverage that you have, as well as your limits of liability. It is good to know that the coverage is there when you need it.

In the case of a terrorist attack, damage to your personal property may be covered. Damages to your vehicle will be covered if you have comprehensive coverage.

Also with comprehensive coverage, if you let a friend borrow your car and they get into an accident, your car insurance covers whoever is driving the car.  They may still be covered even if they do not have their own car insurance.

Car insurance companies usually offer road-side assistance coverage for an additional charge which is fairly inexpensive.  This provides assistance and will cover costs associated with flat-tire change, towing, battery jumpstarts, locksmith services, and emergency fuel and fluid delivery.

Should you have personal possessions stolen out of your car, instead of calling your car insurance company, call your homeowners’ insurance company.  Car insurance doesn’t cover the theft of your personal items. However, you will need to pay your homeowners insurance deductible and file a police report before you will be compensated.

For more information about exactly what is covered on your car or home insurance policy, check with your insurance agent. Agents know the specifics about your policies. They can help you know exactly what you are covered for.

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