Mobile apps are big in the insurance business

Auto Club InsuranceAAA has announced the launching of their latest mobile application geared toward helping victims of traffic accidents collect information. Titled AAA Insurance, the application provides drivers with a step-by-step guide to collecting information, photos and other such material for insurance purposes.

The application seeks to ease the burden on those having just suffered an accident, as the event itself can be traumatic and victims can easily forget to obtain important insurance information. The application can also be used to contact emergency services if needed.

Drivers can also store their insurance information in the application and will be able to file a claim with their insurer via their mobile device. Insurance information will be protected via password as well as several other security measures.

The AAA Insurance application is the latest installment in a suite of mobile applications designed to help drivers with the variety of services offered by the motoring conglomerate. Currently, the application is only available for iPhone, but versions for Blackberry and Android devices are planned for the future. The application is free, but a AAA membership is required to make use of premium services, such as roadside assistance.

More companies are offering such mobile applications as consumers become increasingly entangled with their smart phones. The trend is gaining momentum amongst big name insurance companies as it offers them a way to connect with consumers and streamline the claims process.

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