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Social media services to be offered by the Insurance Technologies Corporation.

Leading rating and management services and software provider since it was founded in 1983, ITC, has announced that it is now including the offering of social media marketing among its latest news for insurance agents.

This is unprecedented service and assistance specific to these professionals.

According to the ITC vice president of products and marketing, Laird Rixford, “Social media requires an investment of time in order to be successful, and insurance agents don’t have a lot of time.”

Rixford point that out that one of their marketing products, the Insurance Website Builder, already provides integration with social media. Therefore, “With agents being so busy and our websites integrating with social media, it made sense to us to start saving agents time by setting up and managing their social media profiles for them.”

This is exciting news for insurance agents who have been waiting for this type of opportunity.

Among the services that are now being offered within the ITC social media marketing services are:

• The full set up of profiles at the top platforms, which include the Facebook Timeline, LinkedIn, Twitter, and a number of others.

• Custom created graphics to give the various profiles a personalized appearance.

• Daily posts on the profiles for both Twitter and Facebook.

• The creation and integration of a “Get a Quote” button to be linked to the agency website from Facebook.

• The creation of a Facebook Tab Application for the ITC customers who have the Gold and Platinum Plans with Insurance Website Builder.

• The creation of other forms of important social media marketing content, such as blogs.

The Insurance Website Builder feature that includes the Facebook Tab Application is one that is especially welcome news for insurance agents, as it provides a miniature version of the agency site that can be planted directly into that platform for current and prospective customers to use and with which they can interact. This includes a number of attractive elements, such as the agency locations, all of the quote forms, an employee directory, and blogs.


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