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The National Rifle Association is making coverage available to its members to protect them against legal costs.

The NRA has decided to offer a new kind of insurance to its members to help to protect them against the potential legal costs that they could face if they should ever have to use their firearms in self defense.

This protection is meant to help the organization’s members to avoid paying thousands of dollars in legal fees.

gun shooter insuranceThis form of concealed carry liability insurance is meant to help to provide coverage for attorney fees and other types of legal fees that could come about from a criminal or civil case when a member of the NRA has used his or her weapon in a situation of self defense. Policies start at $165 per year for a policy that provides $100,000 in coverage, up to $600 per year for $1 million in protection. The proceeds from the premiums that are paid for this coverage go directly to the National Rifle Association.

This type of insurance is paid directly to the attorney, as opposed to the policyholder.

There is an important requirement that must be met, however, before the NRA’s coverage will pay out to the attorney. The payment is only made when a policyholder has been acquitted of the charges that were laid against him or her. Should the member be convicted of the charges, or if a court determines that there was inadequate justification for the shooting, then the policy is rendered void.

On the organization’s official website, it offers an explanation for its new coverage product. There, they state that “We recognized this gap in coverage and created a plan to help protect National Rifle Association members should the unthinkable happen.” They are not the first to offer this type of policy to gun owners.

Other organizations that are currently selling this type of insurance include the U.S. Concealed Carry Association. Moreover, small insurers are also starting to appear that are selling just this type of protection, especially as Illinois has now become the 50th state to make it legal for its residents to be able to carry firearms in public.

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