Insurance news made by Katy Perry includes a hazardous bra

Katy Perry
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Katy Perry

The costume piece has moving parts and has become a serious liability issue.

Katy Perry is making insurance news with a dynamic new costume piece that has moving parts that insurers are considering to be a liability concern.

Even before going on stage, the singer’s moving bra has drawn attention regarding its risks.

The wardrobe piece is highly detailed and has several moving parts. Recent insurance news reports have shown that Perry’s policy providers are deeming this a liability and that special measures will need to be taken if it is to be worn on stage for another performance.

Perry explained that “I keep being told the insurers are worried I will injure my neck.”

As the singer has long hair, the policy providers are seeking to avoid making new insurance news by having the strands caught in the moving parts, causing a neck injury. The costumes she typically wears on stage are bright, colorful, and often theatrical, always drawing the attention of her audience.

Adding moving elements, though, had not been intended to make insurance news.

Instead, she was hoping to use her costume to add to her distinctive appearance while performing. This particular design was a bra that was created to be both loud and exciting. The moving parts consist of two spinning novelty disks in pink, white, and purple, that resemble move reels.

The performer has been informed, that the moving parts will need to be removed before insurers will allow her to wear it on stage. The concern is that her hair could be pulled down into the mechanics of the moving parts and pull on her neck, causing a potentially serious injury.

Though many fans are disappointed and are calling the entire situation ridiculous and believe that there is very little risk that a serious injury could ever occur, the insurers say otherwise. The reason is that while Katy may be laughing it off and simply moving on, the circumstance itself could be a costly one.

The fact of the matter is that it doesn’t take a major injury to stop a performer such as Katy Perry from being able to go on stage. A stiff neck or pulled muscle might make it impossible for her to complete her physically demanding performances. Insurers aim to prevent this type of loss.

Therefore, if she chooses to ignore the protests of her insurers, the next insurance news could be that she will not be covered for accidents on stage – particularly if they are related to that specific costume.

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