Wawanesa reports a spike in fake insurance job postings

Insurance job postings - Fake

As insurers work hard to hire new talent, they are struggling with fraudsters in their way.

Wawanesa has issued a news release cautioning people looking for insurance job postings that while insurers are typically hiring right now, there are many fraudsters out there looking to scam job hunters.

Insurers have been a particular subject for scams having to do with employment opportunities.

The scam insurance job postings mentioned in the Wawanesa report are described as attempting to trick job seekers into applying for what they think is a position with the insurer. They tend to use cleverly created email addresses and pretend that they are one of the company’s Human Resources employees. They also try to contact people via private messages.

The purpose of the scams is to defraud people out of their money in various ways. Wawanesa always recommends confirming that a job offer is real before pursuing it. Insurance companies typically have career pages listing available positions. Visiting an official website will also often provide contact information for security and/or human resources departments through which the veracity of a posting can be confirmed.

Insurance job postings

The scam insurance job postings come at a difficult time for insurers that are seeking to hire.

Many insurers are looking to hire and are working hard to reach out to millennials, who tend to think of the industry exclusively as sales jobs or as call center positions. The truth is that regardless of an individual’s career ambitions, there are likely to be roles with insurers that suit those areas. This can help to start or continue a career in virtually any area.

The challenge for insurers is in communicating this to younger job seekers. Insurance companies are making tremendous moves with technology in particular. This includes everything from online services through websites to mobile apps and even tech such as drone development and use. From modeling to service, technology is playing an increasingly important role and insurers need people to move them forward in a meaningful way.

Many people don’t realize that insurance job postings also include areas such as IT developers, marketing, claims adjusters, customer service representatives, data analysts, and even attorneys. They want people who are comfortable with social media and mobile technology in particular.

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