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Check out our new entry to our videonary – Homeowners Insurance Definitions

We have decided to do something different, shake up the insurance world a little, with short and entertaining videos explaining insurance terms – the one below you’ll get information on homeowners insurance.  After the video or even before, please check out our the notes section, this will help seed the information you just learned.

It’s not easy to make learning about insurance fun but here we have managed to take it to a new level – Who can benefit: first time buyers, home shopping, a refresher course, your homeowners renewal just came and you want to understand it a little better, etc. Make sure to check out all of our insurance videonarys today!

NOTES on video:

1. Coverages on a owner occupied homeowners insurance policy 2. Usual main coverages include: dwelling, other structures, personal property, loss of use, personal liability and medical. 3. Liability is for an unintentional act, does not include any type of commercial event.  4. Fire, lightning, theft, liability – main perils covered. 5. Earthquake and floods are not covered

NOTE: One thing we missed in the video…you are subject to a deductible in this type of policy. These run from $500, $1000, $2500 to $5000. Ask your agent for more information on your personal policy.

Here are other insurance definitions we explain:

*Make sure to always check in with your insurance agent to help explain further what these insurance coverages are and how they will work for your personal insurance needs.

Thank you again and make sure to check more insurance definitions in our videonary! If you like this video, let us know – HIT the like button! We live for likes;)

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