Flood and Earthquake Insurance

Why Flood and Earthquake Insurance – Insurance Definitions Videonary Series

Here we explore insurance definitions in a short, entertaining video that gives the highlights on why you need to know more about flood and earthquake insurance. After the video, you can review our main points listed to help seed the information you just learned.

We mostly think of insurance as being boring and hard to learn about due to the language/lingo of the business. Our goal is cut to the point, give consumers a fun plus easy way to learn, so they can ask their agents the hard-hitting facts. There has been so much insurance news concerning homeowners and after the fact of a loss, really not understanding that events like rising water or earth movement, are specifically excluded from their homeowners policy. We aim to change that and inform as many as will listen, in hopes to avoid a future loss for you!

Main points made in video:

1. Why people in high risk areas should really consider flood and earthquake insurance
2. These two events are not covered under homeowners insurance
3. Who should be considering buying these types of plans
4. There is a 30 day waiting period on flood insurance
5. Earthquake insurance might not be as expensive as you think – we give an example premium on video
6. Rising water is consider flood insurance
7. Earthquake insurance has a high deductible
8. Business owners should consider their risks too

Here are other insurance definitions we explain:

*Make sure to always check in with your insurance agent to help explain further what these insurance coverages are and how they will work for your personal insurance needs.