Motorcycle helmet sales see healthy growth worldwide

motorcycle season helmet insurance policies

A new report has shown a global CAGR of more than 6 percent throughout the length of this year. A recently released report has shown a rise in motorcycle helmet sales this year. In fact, the predicted compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is 6 percent. The growth in helmet sales is being driven by the increasing number of head injuries from crashes. That said, manufacturers are trying to boost the appeal for riders through both function and fashion. It’s all well and good to offer a motorcycle helmet that provides…

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American boat insurance now available for travelers to Cuba

american boat insurance

The United States has now approved a coverage for craft traveling into Cuban waters. American boat insurance is now available to boaters traveling from the United States into Cuban waters. Marine insurance company, Pantaenius, will be offering policies for this situation. This may reduce a considerable barrier to Cuban travel for the purposes of cruising and fishing. While the embargo for travel to Cuba was lifted nearly a year ago, hull insurance had yet to be allowed. When the embargo was lifted, U.S. citizens with a legal reason to travel…

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Boat insurance policyholders don’t always understand their coverage

boat insurance

Many customers don’t realize that there is a great deal more to this protection than meets the eye. Boating season is now fully underway and boaters have purchased their boat insurance policies for the season. That said, many of the 87 million recreational boaters in the U.S. don’t seem to fully understand those policies. Recreational boaters buy insurance coverage year after year without knowing important points about it. Among the most important types of boat insurance coverage is the form that provides protection when it’s not in use. When your…

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Motorcycle lane splitting moves a step closer in California

motorcycle lane splitting

A state Assembly bill has now moved nearer to a vote and would form new guidelines in the state. California’s AB 51 is a bill that was created to provide guidelines for safe motorcycle lane splitting in the state. If this legislation passes, it will make it will change the way riders use the road. Motorcyclists will be able to pass other vehicles on the road “by riding between them along the lane line.” Until now, it has not been legal or illegal to ride the lane line between two…

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Bicycle insurance grows more popular with popularity of cycling

Bicycle insurance bike cycling

Throughout the United Kingdom, a rising number of people are biking to their destinations. In the U.K., cycling has become notably more popular for people who want to travel a short distance without using their cars, and this has led to a growth in the number of customers who are purchasing bicycle insurance policies. According to the customer data that has been released by Aviva, those numbers have risen considerably. In fact, according to the bicycle insurance figures that were produced by Aviva, there has been a growth of 75…

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Moped insurance mandate in North Carolina gets Senate panel support

moped insurance

Lawmakers in the state have now required that riders start to register their vehicles in July. A Senate panel in North Carolina has now laid down the requirement that will bring the state one step closer to mandated moped insurance as riders of the devices will need to register their vehicles as of next year. These small engine bicycles will soon be included among the vehicles that will require insurance. Last week, a Senate committee agreed with a House bill that said that a moped insurance requirement would also go…

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New motorcycle insurance options launched by SGI

motorcycle insurance

The changes to the available coverage have been sparking controversy among riders since they were first proposed in 2013. The Government of Saskatchewan, a province of Canada, has now announced that it will be adding more motorcycle insurance options for riders throughout the region, in a move that had first been proposed two years ago. Back when the idea was first suggested, in 2013, many riders expressed anger about the changes. The Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) made this announcement, saying that a new third option will be opening up for…

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Insurance company sues Winnebago for recreational vehicle fire

RV insurance company

The insurer has now filed a grievance on behalf of its client against the massive RV manufacturer. Progressive Classic Insurance Company has now sued Winnebago industries on behalf of its Cleveland, Ohio client, Jerry Harry, at a Mason Circuit Court, with a claim of negligence in a fire that occurred in the RV of the client in 2013. The filing said that a recreational vehicle was purchased by Harry and RV insurance was purchased through Progressive. The vehicle in question is a 2012 Winnebago Vista 35F. It was purchased in…

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Insurance fraud plea deal keeps Ted Lilly out of jail

Ted Lilly insurance fraud

The former MLB pitcher has accepted a plea deal in California in order to keep himself out of prison. Recently, Live Insurance News reported on the case of Ted Lilly, who was charged with insurance fraud and who was facing jail time as a part of his sentence for defrauding insurers. This case in California has taken a new turn, now that the former MLB player has accepted a plea deal. Although Lilly did not actually appear in the California court, the attorney representing him entered a no contest plea…

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Felony insurance fraud charges laid against former MLB’s Ted Lilly

Ted Lilly insurance fraud

The former Major League Baseball pitcher is now facing three counts of the charge in the state of California. In California, Ted Lilly, the former Major League Baseball pitcher is now facing felony charges with three counts of insurance fraud against him for the filings that he allegedly made following an accident. Recent reports have stated that Lilly has entered a not guilty plea against the charges against him. The insurance fraud charges against Ted Lilly came from a claim that he filed after having been involved in an accident…

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